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Kapadokya tatiliniz boyunca ne büyük eğlence! Sayısız meze, geleneksel kuzu yemeği, sınırsız alkollü ve alkolsüz içecekler eşliğinde Türk kültürünün tadını çıkarın.

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Cappadocia Turkish Night Show with Dinner

Professional performers are here to show you all the highlights of Turkish traditions at this grand cave restaurant of the great Cappadocia. Start of the show is the whirling dervishes ceremony; much more than a performance, this brief ritual is for your insight into the philosophical significance of Sufism and the Mevlevi Order dating back over 700 years. After this visual spectacle, the folk dancers enter. You will not be able to keep your eyes off of the stage while they perform to jaunty music. Next show is a traditional wedding ceremony performed by the dancers where you will see a bride in a red dress and her groom’s impressive dance for her on their wedding night. Turkey is a culturally very rich country which has created different types of dance rituals. Dancers perform the most significant folk dances and then the famous belly dancing show is full on! Enjoy her breathtaking dance and watch her inviting some of the guests on stage flirtatiously for a little bit of a belly dance lesson. This is followed by the Caucasian dance with knives, a fire dance and once the drum show is completed, your entertainment for the night comes to an end. Food is served during the show continuously with unlimited drinks of your choice. Lamb with rice is a traditional Turkish wedding meal in Turkey.